HuntinFX LLC is a North Carolina based company formed in 2011. Owned and operated by Todd St.Clair, who through tradition has a passion for the preservation of hunting and stands on our countrys foundation of In God We Trust. The purpose of HuntinFX is to develop and provide USA made hunting products for the serious archer and hunters alike. Check out our product demos. Tag-It"Claim Your Game" your big game temporary tag solution and wind detection/scent cover/attractant called Wind-It.

​Making targets easy. This item is made of durable carbon steel with powder coating to ensure logivity. Adjust to all types of 3D and Bag archery targets. 

Wind-it is our Scent cover/Attractant and Wind detection system that has advantages over the standard powder due to the fact that it utilizes an atomizer and a low freezing point oxygenated liquid to disperse a fine mist. The iridescent mist allows for high visibility by using natural light to indicate hidden wind currents. Wind-it is non-toxic and safe, using natural products to achieve. Unlike the powder, Wind-It works in any weather conditions, unaffected by high humidity and moist conditions. Wind-it comes in Unscented wind detection only, Earth Scent for cover scent and Doe-N-Heat for that added edge during the rut. Remember  "Wind-it" before you hunt it!

Target Caddy

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Tag-It is our newest product. Instates where DNR requires a temporary tag on animal at point of harvest, before electronic registration occcurs, this is the solution! Tag-It is all plastic, includes embossed flag and permanent marker to document required harvest information. Just write information on tag and attached to animal. No more worries about information being damage, lost or smeared due to harsh weather conditions. This tag will stay with animal from harvest to butcher or taxidermy and even permanently if desired. Claim Your Game, with Tag-it!